Ariana Grande + Pete Davidson Officially Split

Ariana Grande + Pete Davidson Officially Split

It was just a matter of time like we predicted! Ariana Grande reportedly split with Pete Davidson several times before ending their engagement.

According to reports, Ariana Grande, 25, and ‘Saturday Night Live’ star, Pete Davidson who relationship was Fraud. Read on…

Ariana Grande + Pete Davidson Officially has the latest tea spilling on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson who “put on this front of being so happy,” according to sources.

What we are hearing is that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson believed to have called time on their romance just four months after getting engaged.

They decided to play as everything was alright in front of the camera and paps.

What was really going BTS between Ariana and Pete:

A source went on to reveal that “there were lots of fights and struggles behind the scenes. They’ve gotten into arguments and broken up before and got back together.”

Although, insiders believe that the couple who got engaged in June following less than a month of dating since the split is still “fresh.”

Since the death of Ariana Grande’s former boyfriend Mac Miller it has left the ‘God is a Woman’ singer devastated.

She posted a video that she is looking after his dog that Mac purchased while they were together. Miller passed away from an apparent drug overdose on September 7, Grande is believed to have been left “emotionally unavailable.”

Source SPILL TEA on Ariana and Pete Relationship:

Another source recently said:

Ariana made the final decision. It was time to realise this wasn’t the right time for them and Pete is incredibly heartbroken. Pete is still is so in love with her. He wanted his whole world to revolve around her but she was emotionally unavailable. He realises she was at her limit with pressure from everyone and everything around her. There were days she just wanted to run away from the world just to get some peace and quiet and piece of mind. Pete had to give her that space out of love.

The source added:

Ariana and Pete didn’t plan this abrupt split, but they both know this breakup is the right decision for them right now. Their family and friends stand behind their decision entirely and Ariana’s team feels this will give her time to heal.

The source added:

They got engaged because they both felt this instant connection and even now after their split they are still deeply in love. But their timing has truly affected their plans and made it impossible for them to make it work at the moment … They have a very special connection, partly because Pete has been there for Ariana during a painful time in her life. She will forever and always be grateful to Pete.

That is great but the instant connection doesn’t mean marriage it means lust. Get to know the good bad and ugly of your partner before marriage is a thought. That is something sacred and should be a one time deal if you have standards set for yourself. People seem to forget that these days?

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