Anthony Bourdain Last Moments Before Confirmed Suicide

Anthony Bourdain Last Moments Before Confirmed Suicide

The result of Anthony Bourdain death has been confirmed that the famed celebrity chef and host and writer did indeed hang himself in the bathroom of his French hotel room.

Read on to get the report of the death of Anthony Bourdain, his last photos on Instagram and photos of his last TV meal…

Anthony Bourdain Last Moments Before Confirmed Suicide

“Hydrating in preparation for a Balinese funeral.” – AB has learned via NY Daily News, that the Prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny reported on Saturday that the famed chef and host of the CNN series “Parts Unknown” took his life by suicide.

According to Prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny, Anthony Bourdain used a belt from his hotel bathrobe in order to commit suicide, which first reported about his death.

French prosecutor, Christian de Rocquigny, also told reporters:

There is no element that makes us suspect that someone came into the room at any moment.

He also said a medical expert had concluded there were no signs of violence on Bourdain’s body.

Bourdain traveled the world, exposing his viewers to new and exciting cultures while always making sure to allow the people from the places he visited to speak for themselves.

Anthony posted one of his last meals on social media in the town where he took his own life just days later. It was Bourdain’s last TV meal for his CNN series “Parts Unknown.” Bourdain and his crew were shooting at Wistub La Petite Venise on Tuesday in Colmar, France. Sources at the restaurant tell us Bourdain was extremely friendly with the staff, telling jokes, smiling and talking about food and wine. He was in great spirits.

Anthony indulged in 2 faves of France’s Alsace region. Choucroute garnie — the dish he posted on IG — is sauerkraut, sausages, salted meats and potatoes. We’re told he also tried the jambonneau … a smoked leg of ham. He was found dead three days later.

It was one of his last moment filmed for TV. [ reported Anthony Bourdain’s best TV Moments]:

Anthony Bourdain Last Moments Before Confirmed Suicide

Chef Alexis Schonstein tells us, “It was a good moment I will always keep in mind.” As we’ve reported, 3 days after the shoot, Anthony was found

Another photo of Anthony Bourdain showed that the celebrity chef and host was present in a photo by distant in his eyes. It makes us question what was he thinking that day and was he already planning to take his own life?

Anthony Bourdain Last Moments Before Confirmed Suicide

Take a look, because a couple of weeks before Bourdain was on cloud nine with his girlfriend Asia Argento in Italy It was also said that he was laughing, smiling and full of personality just days before his suicide.

The Italian actress was spotted for the first time since the tragic news broke of Bourdain’s suicide. Asia was spotted leaving her home with her daughter Saturday in Rome and getting into a car. We’re told she’s possibly traveling to his funeral.