Amina Reveals She’s Pregnant By Peter Gunz Again

Love & Hip Hop NY has a twist on tonight’s episode, just when you thought Peter was done with Amina, Amina Reveals She’s Pregnant By Peter Gunz Again!?!

Yes its true, has the hot tea to spill and you’re not  going to believe what Amina did with her baby after learning that Tara was rumored to be pregnant as well…


No Way? Amina Reveals She’s Pregnant By Peter Gunz Again? first reported that Tara Walace may have been sporting a baby bump thanks to the extended trailer before the new season of Love & Hip Hop 6, but it’s Peter’s wife that got knocked up.

If you’ve been watching Amina Buddafly has been popping up and checking on Peter’s where-abouts since Gunz has pulling no shows on the home front. See, Peter Gunz has his baby mama, Tara Wallace living in the same apartment building that he and Amina lives in.


Last week Amina faced off with Tara after she was invited down stairs to confront Peter Gunz sleeping with Tara. When she learned that Peter has been lying to her she told him that she was done and Tara could get her man back.

This week, Amina Buddafly’s sister comes to town and that is when Amina drops the bomb, that she’s pregnant by Peter again.

Amina tells her sister that she doesn’t want to have another baby by Peter Pankey!

Once Amina heard the RUMORS that Tara was pregnant at the same time to the 48-year-old Creep squad memebr, Amina had her pregnancy terminated. iF the sources are correct then Amina had an abortion.

As it stands, Tara has not denounced claims of being pregnant with Peter’s child — and she’s been pretty strategic with her latest string of Instagram photos by mostly posting pics from the neck up.

What do you think about Amina Revealing that She’s Pregnant By Peter Gunz Again and then getting an abortion?

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