Amanda Bynes Announces Pregnancy Then Deletes Post

Amanda Bynes Announces Pregnancy Then Deletes Post

Amanda Bynes Announces Pregnancy Then Deletes Post!

Continue on to see Amanda Bynes ultrasound that she posted and then deleted. Read on for more about Amanda Bynes Pregnancy… reports that Amanda Bynes says she’s got a baby on board and she wants the world to get the first glimpse of her upcoming bundle of joy.

Amanda Bynes got the jaw dropping news when she posted a pic of an ultrasound with the caption on Tuesday and then deleted shortly after.

She posted this caption:

Baby on board!

Amanda didn’t specify, but the daddy-to-be is likely her boyfriend Paul Michael who she’s also recently introduced the world to.

The ultrasound appears to be legitimate, with Amanda’s name on it and Tuesday’s date. Unclear how far into her pregnancy she currently is.

As for her relationship with Paul, the two announced they were engaged shortly after Bynes posted about their relationship.

The celebrity couple have had an on and off relationship. The engagement was quickly called off, but it appears the two have been back together.

Could it be the baby?

Hopefully the couple are staying together because they want to and not for the baby’s sake. That never works out.

What do you think of Amanda having a child?

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