Amanda Bynes On 51/50 Psychiatric Hold


Amanda Bynes On 51/50 Psychiatric Hold

BREAKING: Amanda Bynes On 51/50 Psychiatric Hold, she was placed on involuntary hold after her antics in New York via her parents.

Update: It’s Official, After entering the Pasadena-area treatment facility on Friday and spending nearly 72 hours there throughout the weekend, has just got word via E! News that It’s been confirmed that the 28-year-old actress’ stay at the center has been extended for 14 more days.

Hours after news broke that Bynes revealed that she has been in touch with Sam Lutfi, the controversial ex-manager of Britney Spears, who was blamed for the singer’s 2008 meltdown, writing:

“You feel like a brother to me @SamLutfi i mean it. Thank you luuuuv.”

Though, Sam did not respond to her directly! Instead Sam responded through Perez Hilton, saying.

“She’s in good hands now. Many thanks to all those that helped along the way.”

And now Perez claims Bynes has told them:

“Last time I trusted Lutfi he put me in a conservatorship which ended in August I’m not stupid.”

“You are all listening to my brain…I can handle Sam, he just flew me back to LA and I’m going to meet some sick lawyers.”

Lutfi has strenuously denied any claims that he was responsible for Britney’s meltdown. Although, on his Twitter bio, he says he was “FALSELY accused of doing horrible things by horrible people.” While Britney’s mother still blames his involvement in her daughter’s breakdown, when he managed her in 2007 and 2008.

As For Amanda Bynes, There are trying to push the three-day psychiatric – 51/50 hold for 14 days for her own well being, because she NEEDS the help. Especially after twerking in a store while shopping. She was all over the security guard getting down and having a good old time in her own head. We just wonder what music was playing in her head, cause she was dancing like it was the last days.

Here’s the most recent breaking update on Amanda Bynes:

Meanwhile, sources tell the TMZ that Amanda had a car service take her to The London Hotel, where her parents Lynne and Rick Bynes, as well as an attorney, persuaded her to go to hospital.

She is said to have then been taken to a hospital in Pasadena where her lawyer Tamar Armiak was waiting with doctors.

The 51/50 hold authorizes a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person suspected to have a mental disorder that makes him or her a danger to himself or herself.
She will be held at the hospital for 72 hours, but the hold can be extended for a further 14 days.

It is expected that her parents will try to get another conservatorship.