Alicia DiMichele Embezzlement Case Postponed


(CelebNMusic247-News) Alicia DiMichele Embezzlement Case Postponed

Mob Wives New Blood star, Alicia DiMichele catches a break since her embezzlement case has luckily been postponed.

Alicia DiMichele and her husband Eddie Garofalo have become mobster celebrities, just like Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa and Joe Giudice, since she joined the cast of Mob Wives during the drama that centers around an their embezzlement charges.

Although things may be looking a bit brighter for Alicia DiMichele since Eddie Garofalo is the base for the embezzlement charges. In regards to his trucking company which had a lot of different names, one of which was “Big R Trucking” after his son Rocco. Teddy Persico was a partner in the company with Eddie as far back as 2003 when Eddie ran Big R out of the Bonafide Fuel Oil lot in downtown Brooklyn.

Here’s the drop:

On January 10th, Mob Wives New Blood star, Alicia was in a Brooklyn court on Monday to receive her sentencing for the crime of embezzlement through a trucking company she owned with her husband, Eddie Garofalo.

Eddie Tall Guy Garofalo is already incarcerated. Tall Guy is also to be rumored through the “Mob Wives” channels to be a mob enforcer.

Thankfully for DiMichele the judge wasn’t ready to make his decision in the ongoing trial.

Alicia shared:

“The judge postponed my sentencing because my restitution issue is not yet resolved,”

“Therefore, she cannot sentence me until that part is settled. They think maybe some time in March I’ll be sentenced, but they are not sure. I am beyond frustrated.”

The restitution, according to Wepaint is the $20k the prosecutors are asking Alicia to return for the funds she plead guilty to embezzling. However, prosecutors are also looking for the money she has made on the VH1 reality series in the sum of $96,000.00.

Alicia is said to have earned $8k per episode for the 12 episodes stint ordered on her Mob Wives contract.

We understand she is facing embezzlement charges, but why are they going after her Mob Wives salary?

According to papers prosecutors filed in Brooklyn federal court last Friday. DiMichele is, in fact, so flush from her earnings from “Mob Wives” and her two Philadelphia boutique stories that she faces a hefty fine of up to $116,000  for embezzling $40,000 from a trucking company, according to prosecutors.

Basically they’re trying to recoup all the funds stolen.