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Why Advertising with CelebNMusic247?

The CelebNMusic247 Entertainment Brand has eight niche websites for your ADVERTISING needs; CelebNMusic247, CelebNMovies247, CelebNReality247, CelebrityNSports247, CelebNHealth247, CelebNFashion247, CelebNLatin247 and CelebNTech247. Network averages 7 Million Impressions and 1.5 million unique readers per month:

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Advertise DemographicsAdvertise Demographics



DISPLAY OPPORTUNITIES                                                  MOBILE OPPORTUNITIES

728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 300×600                                                 Anchor Banners
Custom Executions                                                                             Full-Page Ads w/Video
Site roadblocks and skins                                                                 Sponsored content and photo galleries
Custom Skins (Parallax, Toggling, Sticker, Video)                     iPad 300×250
Rich Media Marquee Units                                                               iPad Full Page Units
Masthead integrations
Photo Gallery sponsorships
iPad skins
Animated & Video Overlays
Desktop Interstitials
Social Media Integrations
Desktop In-Stream Video

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SITE TAKEOVER  1                                                              SITE TAKEOVER  2


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