Adrien Broner Turnt Up Over Chief Keef


Adrien Broner Turnt Up Over Chief Keef!!!

Earlier today the three-time world champion boxer Adrien Broner took to Instagram because Adrien Broner Turnt Up Over Chief Keef.

In a funny video, Broner posted this footage going wild over Chief Keef’s song ”

Broner took to his IG saying:

“Every time I hear this song I go crazy #MyShit”


Every time I hear this song I go crazy #MyShit

A video posted by Adrien Broner (@adrienbroner) on

The 25-yea-old boxing champ, which his wife, misslouiebags says, Adrien “acts sooo childish” but she loves his silly ways despite his many sexual partners and his many lawsuits:


adrien-broner-Gets-turnt-up-over-chief-keef-0715-2See, Broner has five children born out-of-wedlock with his lady @misslouiebags, but he openly admits to engaging in sex with prostitutes and strippers and multiple partners at the same time. Joining the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and many other women.

In 2013, Broner landed himself a lawsuit after he posted a video revealing a story about the first time he ever got crabs.

Adrien identified the woman in the video that he states was such good sex he went back for a second time and got crabs again. The WBO super featherweight champion and WBA welterweight champion described that he spent the night scratching his groin while at training camp.

The story is funny when you hear Adrien tell it, but he should have refrained from uploading it to the internet.

The woman who he accused of giving him the pubic lice/crabs fired back at him with a lawsuit. In the video he made in 2013, Broner further added that now he wouldn’t even think of poking the woman on Facebook:

Since the video surfaced, the woman, who wants to be known only as “Jane Doe,” took legal action against the fighter in Ohio, arguing that she’s been insulted, humiliated, and stressed ever since Broner singled her out. The woman is adamant that she did not give Broner crabs, and is suing the boxer for causing her a great deal of emotional misery.

After all, pubic lice is usually contracted by having close body contact with infected individuals, usually through sexual intercourse.

And judging from the former WBC lightweight champion’s promiscuous ways, it may be difficult to identify whom he actually contracted the pubic lice from.

What do you think of Adrien Broner?

Would you sleep with the WBC lightweight champion?

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