Adam Venit Denies Grabbing Terry Crews Package

Adam Venit Denies Grabbing Terry Crews Package


Come on, grabbing another man’s package without his consent is cool right? NOT! But, for some reason Adam Venit believes it’s perfectly OK!

Unfortunately, Terry Crews doesn’t share the same opinion. He has been very vocal about felling sexually violated by Adam Venit. Read on…

Adam Venit Denies Grabbing Terry Crews Package has the latest developments on the Terry Crews package grab by Adam Venit.

Terry Crews has outright said that he was sexually assaulted by WME agent Adam Venit at a party in Los Angeles last year.

WME agent Adam Venit says, “NO, that didn’t happen.”

Terry Crews Accuses WME Agent Adam Venit of Sexual Harassment

Really, Adam?

TMZ caught up with Venit, who has responded to Crews’ lawsuit by denying the assault while also claiming that Terry wasn’t injured and nothing sexual occurred.

People close to Venit claim that he was drunk and that the genital-grabbing was just “horseplay”.

Yeah, right?

Terry Crews EXPOSES Russell Simmons Over Groping Incident

Yes, Terry Crews is sexy…he’s a man’s man, and white men love a big black man like Terry. Maybe Crews was a fantasy Adam was trying to make come true. The only problem Terry was NOT on the playing field for a dude grabbing his horse. Terry Crews is a female only ride Adam, sorry bro!

This had to be the look on Terry’s face when Adam grabbed his banana:

Adam Venit Denies Grabbing Terry Crews Package

When people are drunk, they do what they always wanted to do. We guess Terry’s package was looking incredible and Adam just wanted to touch it to see if it really was that big.


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