Aaron Hernandez Has New Gang-Related Neck Tattoo


Back in 2014 Aaron Hernandez tattoo’s linked him to murder and now Aaron Hernandez Has New Gang-Related Neck Tattoo, in court.

CelebNMusic247.com has the details on Aaron Hernandez court appearance on Wednesday and new gang-related ink…


Why does Aaron Hernandez Have A New Gang-Related Neck Tattoo?

If you look at the new tattoo closely you’ll see the words “Lifetime Loyalty” which could mean that the former NFL Patriots tight end has given up on the possibilites for living the outside again.

CelebNMusic247.com previously reported on Hernandez whose tattoos linked him to murder.  Aaron was back in court for a pretrial hearing for his upcoming double-murder trial, and Hernandez was spotted sporting a plain white T-shirt and some fresh neck ink. We first showed you a glimpse of Aaron’s new tattoo back in May, but now Hernandez is giving us all a close up look at the ink in its entirety.

He is making it clear that he’s a gangster for life now.

Hernandez was found guilty of the murder of Odin Lloyd on April 15, and has been in a Massachusetts Correctional Facility serving out his life-sentence. But, while appearing in court for the double-murder of Daniel Correia and Safiro Furtado, Hernandez had a new tattoo on his neck, one that is only given to members and supporters of the “Bloods” gang.

Take a close look below Arron Hernandez ‘Bloods” Gang-Related Neck Tattoo:


What do you think about Aaron Hernandez New Gang-Related Neck Tattoo?

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