7 Tips How To Survive KAABOO 2017

7 Tips How To Survive KAABOO 2017

Are you heading out to KAABOO 2017 to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Pink, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers? Well, the days will be long and packed full of fun in the sun, but we have some survival tips to deal with the heat at the festival.

Read on to get our 7 Tips How To Survive KAABOO 2017….

7 Tips How To Survive KAABOO 2017

CelebNMusic247.com is an avid Music Festival goer so there are a few things you need to know, in case this is your first time at KAABOO.

First on our 7 Tips How To Survive KAABOO 2017  is  to make sure to indulge and checkout everything at the festival with includes; great art, food, drink and music.

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Here are the 7 Tips How To Survive KAABOO 2017:

1. Bring cash, just in case.

Always be prepared if the CC machines are NOT working. Food and drink vendors should be set up to accept credit cards. But when the server temporarily go down, you might be out of luck. Suggested daily amount $200.00 + – You don’t want to get stuck in a mad scramble at the few ATMs and pay ridiculous fees. Hit up your bank today and “be ready, so you don’t have to get ready.”

2. Plan your travel.

Know how you will be heading to the festival. Are you doing rideshare, public transit or parking at the festival? Wednesday is the last day to get parking at the festival. You can purchase daily parking at $35.00 or 3-Day for $100.00. Click HERE FOR MORE DETAILS… or PURCHASE PARKING HERE…

3. Meeting Spot.

Make sure to have a spot at the Festival where you and your friends can meet in case you get separated. The festival is rather big and you can get lost easy. If your phone goes out and you need to find your friends, then pick a central location at KAABOO where you can find each other. Set a few times in the day just in case and have a spot to meet at the end of the night.

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4. Stay Hydrated.

Drink lots of water. It’s cool to drink beer and wine, but who wants to be the person in the stretcher passed out because you drank too much. Don’t ruin your festival experience with too much alcohol, it just NOT COOL!

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5. Planning Your Experience.

Plan your day, schedule the bands you want to see and give yourself ample time to get to each stage, they’re far apart so plan accordingly. Download the schedule HERE…

6. Attire.

Dress for warm to hot weather. Make sure to wear a hat to avoid heat stroke. Been there done that and it’s NOT fun. Missed a couple cool bands one year. NOTE TO EVERYONE: Don’t drink more than two energy drinks in heat, it’s a bad combination and terrible for your health.

7.  Check The Attitude at the Door.

Make the best of the KAABOO Festival, enjoy it to the fullest and keep a great attitude. No one NEEDS to deal with an angry person or anyone disrespectful. Have a problem, let security know, so they can 86 them from the festival grounds. Everyone paid too much to have their experience ruined. And save the attitudes, no matter what ticket you bought, it’s all about KAABOO, cool art, great food and drink, and amazing music on the beach.

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Lastly, have a fun and safe time at KAABOO 2017!