6ix9ine Uses Black Chyna To Make “Tutu” Video A Hit

6ix9ine Uses Black Chyna To Make "Tutu" Video A Hit

6ix9ine Uses Black Chyna To Make “Tutu” Video A Hit!

It’s obvious 6ix9ine’s new team is calling in favors from their associates because NO ONE wants to work with a SNITCH. Not to mention, Tekashi’s new music is garbage. It’s a heavy autotune with weak lyrics. 69 peaked with his debut album and this sophomore album is a pile of _________ so far.

It’s getting closer to the release of Tekashi 69’s first project since his release from prison. And what we are hearing is less than impressive. Read on to see Black Chyna almost fully naked in 6ix9ine video…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that his first track “TROLLZ” with Nicki Minaj came in at # 1 then fell quickly on the same day after everyone realized how terrible his music is.

“TROLLZ” was the biggest chart fall in history for a single debuting at Number One on Billboard. The rainbow-haired rapper’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj debuted on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart after selling 116,000 equivalent units. Of that sum, 36 million were streams while it earned 1.2 million radio airplay audience impressions.

So far, everything 6ix9ine has dropped for his upcoming album show that he can’t rap. He yells and his lyrical skill is adolescent. There are more deserving rappers out there to listen to.

6ix9ine continues to prove he is nothing but a gimmick.

In a video on Instagram the controversial rapper can be seen sitting on a car with a flamethrower, accompanied by a 95% naked Blac Chyna. The ex-girlfriend of Tyga can be seen practically naked, with only sprinkles to cover her woman parts.

What is sad about all of this are Nicki Minaj and Black Chyna and Akon for supporting this fool.

It is obvious that they owed 6ix9ine’s management these favors because NO ONE wants to work with him. Let’s NOT forget Lil Durk who blew the whistle on Tekashi trying to pay him to be trolled.

Yes, hip hop beef sells music, that is why 6ix9ine was so desperate he tried to get Lil Durk to troll him. He offered major money and Durk took a hard pass.


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#lildurk says #6ix9ine label offered to pay him $3 million to keep trolling him . WTFFFFF

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Durk made it clear that he TURNED DOWN the gimmick rappers offer:

6ix9ine Uses Black Chyna To Make "Tutu" Video A Hit

“Man listen, that shit dead man,” Durk says. “I never turn my back on the fucking streets.”

That there says A LOT. Let’s not forget about all the other rappers who he reached out to first, and they all passed as well. They just didn’t air his dirty laundry. 6ix9ine’s team is using every effort to make him sell records and the only audience listening is 14 years old and under. Wake up hip hop and stop falling for trash rappers.

What are your thoughts about Black Chyna in the 6ix9ine “Tutu” Video?

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