6ix9ine “SNITCHING ON EVERYONE” Says Baby Mama

6ix9ine "SNITCHING ON EVERYONE" Says Baby Mama

Welcome to SNITCHVILLE according to 6ix9ine’s embittered Baby Mama Sara Molina.

6ix9ine’s baby mama Sara Molina spoke on the troll rapper snitching on Kooda B in an interview with Vlad TV. Read on to get the tea on Snitch9ine

6ix9ine "SNITCHING ON EVERYONE" Says Baby Mama CelebNMusic247.com reports that Tekashi 6ix9ine better invest in a bullet proof jacket or go into witness protect because he did so much snitching even the rats in the pen are keeping away.

As it was previous reported it’s clear that Tekashi 6ix9ine is working with the government.

Now 6ix9ine’s baby mama Sara Molina is singing to the press saying that Tekashi sold out his former homie Kooda B, who he admitted to paying for taking a shot at Chief Keef, leading to Kooda’s arrest.

Molina told Vlad TV that 6ix9ine has been ratting on Kooda to get out of his sentence.

She had this to say about Snitch9ine:

It’s super f’d up! He has a whole song named after Kooda. It just wasn’t a random person that he didn’t know that would just do it for money. If Kooda did do it, he did it off the strength of his relationship with my daughter’s father. They were friends. To me it’s pretty f-ed. You send someone to do something for you. Then when all hell breaks loose you wanna be like’oh, that person did it’. Even though they only did it off the strength of you asking them.

She also suggested that her Baby Daddy was giving up anyone and everyone involved after reading some of 6ix9ine’s paperwork:

You gotta read in between the words. Superceding and all of that. He basically admitted to the crimes he took part in, his participation, and he’s agreeing to disclose any other information as far as what happened and who was there and how it happened. And set forth, since he has done that, as long as he doesn’t get into any further criminal activity or crime, all nine counts are out the window. That’s how I take it. Basically, we could read in between the lines of what his agreement was.

Vlad agreed, adding that his lawyer has analyzed the paperwork, and the attorney believes that Tekashi 6ix9ine may soon be a free man.

6ix9ine will be looking over his back for life. The crazy thing is that insiders have said that 69 was a snitch from the jump, so it’s only a matter of time before he did this. We wonder if this was the plan all along, only to make it look like he was busted and then chirped like a bird to get free?


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