6ix9ine Gets $5.3 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

6ix9ine Gets $5.3 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

After Snitch9ine told feds everything they wanted to know about everyone involved and now that many of them have been arrested and sentenced he just landed the dismissal of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

The news of 6ix9ine dismissal of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit comes on the coattails of Harlem rapper Jim Jones who made it clear that 6ix9ine “History is Erased.” Read on for more details…

You might remember last October CelebNMusic247.com reported that just weeks before he and five affiliates were arrested on racketeering charges, 6ix9ine made news for canceling a concert at the Washington, D.C. venue Echostage minutes before the show was scheduled.

Well 6ix9ine pulled a no-show so promoters Benhur Tesfalidet and Anton Alexander SLAPPED the incarcerated rapper with a $5.3 million

It looks like 6ix9ine finally caught a lucky break, albeit a temporary one, with the dismissal of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. Also named in the suit were the rapper’s soon-to-be codefendant Kifano “Shotti” Jordan; 6ix9ine’s former manager Christian Ehigiator; husband-and-wife team Steve and Tashea Ferguson of MTA Booking, Inc. (The same company who 69 accused of steaing from him). – Also on the suit are booking agent, Will Cornish; and iHeartMedia, the company behind the Powerhouse concert.

The lawsuit, which was filed in D.C. District Court, was dismissed following a request by Tesfalidet and Alexander’s lawyer.

On Friday, Alexander revealed to Complex, who reported the news first, they plan to continue their legal battle, and the new discoved aaca.

In an email he writes:

Due to the developing news with 69’s other major case[, n]ewly discovered facts affect some of our claims so we will be refiling to specifically address the additional facts and related claims.

Steve and Tashea Ferguson’s attorney, Bruce DelValle:

[Steve and Tashea] actually stepped in to try to help the situation and try to get Tekashi to show up, which at that point in time in his career was becoming a more problematic issue than previously.

He added:

It’s in the category of ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’ They did nothing wrong. They were never paid any money. They were actually out money. They just got caught in the net with this promoter. We felt it was a frivolous lawsuit against our client. Clearly, there was some issue of whether Tekashi showed up like he was supposed to, but that had nothing to do with my clients. My clients were not the agents for Tekashi 6ix9ine. They weren’t even booking agents. They were just trying to help by getting the kid to show up. And what they got for that was a loss of some money and a federal lawsuit. So we’re delighted that they decided to see the brighter light and dismiss the case. If they’re foolish enough to refile, we’ll go after them for fees and costs.