50 Cent SLAMS Kanye “You Almost Killed Your Daughter”

50 Cent SLAMS Kanye "You Almost Killed Your Daughter"

50 Cent SLAMS Kanye “You Almost Killed Your Daughter”

hip hop mogul 50 Cent took to social media SLAMMING Kanye West for admitting that he wanted Kim Kardashian to have an abortion. Read on to see how 50 Cent SLAMS Kanye…

CelebNMusic247.com report that The Power Book Two creator 50 Cent writes:

oh shit, fool you said you almost killed your daughter. Man facepalmingFlushed face your wife knows best, sit your ass down. Happy wife happy life. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

Fiddy weighed in on Kanye following his series of tweet that Kim Kardashian tried to have him locked up following an emotional South Carolina rally.

Kanye failed to make the deadline to get on the South Carolina ballot, but now Kanye has taken to social media that he is “back to music.”

Ye sparked mental health issues once again since he broke down in tears at his first rally in South Carolina. West was seen in a bulletproof vest like 50 Cent’s debut album cover “Get Rich and Die Trying.”

50 made sure to post the video of Kanye screeching “I almost killed my daughter.”

Can someone get this man his meds?

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