50 Cent Reveals Who He’d Give His Last Mask To During Quarantine

50 Cent Reveals Who He'd Give His Last Mask To During Quarantine

50 Cent Reveals Who He’d Give His Last Mask To During Quarantine!

Rapper 50 Cent answers a series of questions about which one of his two best friends that he would give a mask. Read on to find out who 50 Cent would give his last mask to during Quarantine…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that 50 Cent was asked by Big Boy on Wednesday which one of his friends would he choose to give his only mask too?

During a series of questions by Big Boy, 50 Cent was in the hot seat being asked about Eminem and Dr. Dre.

Big Boy asked Fiddy:

There’s two people, [but] you can only give 1 mask to this person…You see Dr. Dre and you see Eminem. Who do you give that one mask to?

50 did his diplomatic best not to choose sides.

The 44-year-old South Jamaica, New York, NY native replied:

I would give Em my mask…And I would give Dre my mask. If I had a mask on I would give him mine.

Big Boy also asked 50 Cent which artist would he NOT allow in his house during the quarantine with him. While the question could have been a layup given all of 50’s rivals, his answer was unexpected, but logical.

50 said:

Probably Roddy Ricch…He’s poppin’, there’s too many kids around, too many different germs and shit.

Many would have thought that he’d say Ja Rule, but 50 has kept busy stoking the flames of his most famous feud in recent weeks. Fiddy recently poked fun at Trump for hinting that people should drink Clorox to kill COVID-19.

Most recently, he mocked the Coronavirus bans being lifted with this tweet below:

Fun FACT: Did you know back in 1935 parents used to inject embalming fluid in their veins to cure the flu and other illness. This is NOT recommended since a woman died from being injected with embalming fluid. It is NOT a cure!

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