50 Cent Mocks Bankruptcy


50 Cent Mocks Bankruptcy?!?

Yesterday rapper 50 Cent born Curtis Jackson III filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy then his lawyers released a statement and now 50 Cent Mocks Bankruptcy.

50 Cent, who just declared bankruptcy changed things up in the media by poking fun at filing Chapter 11. Shortly after the big announcement the G-Unit leader was spotted Monday night at Ace of Diamonds in West Hollywood making it rain.

50 seemed to thumb his nose at the whole “I am in debt up to my @ss” thing, by redistributing his assets … in the strip club.

Like Biggie said, “Mo Money Mo Problems”! But does 50 Cent actually have money problems?

Actually it was NOT a good look, because inside sources know that 50 may be having some legal issues and financial debt, he will still NOT be broke when it’s all said and done.

As for, Fiddy, he is making sure that the media knows that as well by being photographed with a wad on cash in his pockets on a red carpet before he performed on Monday night and then heading out to the strip club to dump a load of cash.

What we are hearing is, 50 Cent only declared bankruptcy to slow down the process of having to pay out Rick Ross’ baby mama, since he is still facing punitive damages which might cost him an additional $15 million or more.

According to reports, the courts want to dig deeper and find out how much 50 Cent is truly worth. What we learned is that Fiddy’s filing put a lock on the courts research into his true assets.

What we also heard is that he is getting all his assets in order, so if you read between the lines you know what he’s doing.


The only problem with his mockery is that it won’t make his Chapter 11 filings look legit because most people who file Chapter 11 NEED to do it because of true financial troubles NOT make-believe ones.

We all know that 50 Cent is worth around $150 million dollars, but now Celebrity Net Worth is claiming that 50 Cent is only worth $50 million now.