50 Cent Weighs In Why Marquis is No Longer "His Heart"

50 Cent Weighs In Why Marquis is No Longer “His Heart”


50 Cent took to social media to weigh in on the status of he and his son Marquis Jackson’s relationship since everyone thinks he is in the wrong.

50 Cent responded to a commenter’s critique on his parenting decisions underneath a picture of himself and Djimon Hounsou. Read on…

50 Cent Weighs In Why Marquis is No Longer "His Heart"

CelebNMusic247.com understands where 50 Cent is coming from, but the kid is torn between two parents who will never get along.

Curtis Jackson had this to say about his 19-year-old son, Marquis:

“Can you imagine having a kid that has been poisoned by his mothers [sic] entitlement? That has no respect for you, when you have offered him everything he has. He would rather be a friend to my enemies then [sic] me.

Fiddy obviously feels betrayed by his son, calling out Marquis’ lack of loyalty. Though, 50 Cent doesn’t hate his son, he is heartbroken by the events that have taken place.

Curtis states he still wants the best for his son, just separately from his life.

“I wish him well, he was my heart. I don’t have one anymore, I pray he as a man can see the mistakes that were [made].”

Here is the post:

50 Cent Weighs In Why Marquis is No Longer "His Heart"

What do you think about 50 Cent not wanting anything to do with his son Marquis? Marquis is not some friend who betrayed him. He is blood. He is the seed of Curtis Jackson and he needs to recognize that kids screw up. Marquis will always be his son, and he should make amends with him.

Acting like high school enemies is childish. Screw what Marquis mom has to say, he needs to just deal with his son. No one said being a parent was easy. Sometimes the dad has to be the bigger man and show his son how to be a man.

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