50 Cent Has Second Child with Victim

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On the coat tails of the domestic violence charge, which is NOT his original baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins, who is the mother of the rapper’s 16-year-old son.

According to reports, 50 Cent, who has NEVER acknowledged having a second child, was indeed in a relationship with another woman named Daphne Joy.

Model Daphne Joy is the woman behind the domestic violence the allegations.  You might remember her from 2009, when fiddy posted some pics all dressed in white on the caribbean beaches.

50 Cent and Daphne famously dated for 3 years and then they broke things off and she was never heard of until now.

Here’s the drop:

There were rumors the two had a child last fall … but neither 50 nor Daphne ever confirmed the birth. In fact, the L.A. City Attorney seemed to break the news in its statement to the media when it said the victim and 50 had a “child in common.”

We spoke with Shaniqua, who swore she wasn’t the accuser — and we know Daphne lives in Toluca Lake, where the alleged incident took place.

To recap:

The L.A. City Attorney tells TMZ … 50 is accused of causing $7,100 in damage during the June 23 incident, which took place inside the victim’s condo in Toluca Lake, Ca.

TMZ reached out to 50 Cent but no calls have not been returned. He is getting ready for his big boxing match and birthday bash tomorrow (July 5) in Hartford CT.

After his 2009 breakup with Daphne, 50 Cent took to his Twitter to say this:

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Which sounded like Daphne had dropped him. The news came 7 month after Chelsea Handler was said to have broken 50 Cent’s heart shortly before Christmas.

Here’s more photos of their happy day on the beach:

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