50 Cent EXPOSES Trey Songz, Dave East, + More

50 Cent EXPOSES Trey Songz, Dave East, + More

Rapper 50 Cent was exposing “chopstix” groupies last night on social media in the hotel rooms with Tony Yayo, but the comedy didn’t stop there.’

Nope, 50 Cent posted a series of videos talking about Trey Songz, Chris Brown always surrounded by a bunch of Chopstix which he shows on his videos then he goes in on Nelly and Fabolous. Check the hilarious video out…

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that 50 Cent was just having fun stirring the pot while he and rapper Dave East and R&B singer Trey Songz planned on hitting up Atlanta’s top night spot Compound lounge.

The videos are funny because 50 put all these guys on BLAST once he pulled out his phone and streamed video of the beautiful women hanging out and drinking preparing for the night.

In the video, he’s telling the groupies to order room service and drinks.

According to 50 Cent, Nelly was telling him to stop sending over bottles to his table and sticking him with the bill. Fiddy was laughing because Nelly was trying to impress all these women at the club.

The next day, Fiddy went in on Fabolous who was rocking a gold chain around his ankle while wearing some pink kicks. 50 Cent was like “that sh-t different.”

Check it:


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