5 Creepy Things Taylor Swift Stalker Did Waiting For Her

5 Creepy Things Taylor Swift Stalker Did Waiting For Her


An obsessed Taylor Swift fan did some pretty creepy things that would scare the heck out of you. Could you imagine a person so overly in love with you, watching your every move?

YUCK! Learn the 5 creepy things that Taylor Swift stalker did waiting for her…

5 Creepy Things Taylor Swift Stalker Did Waiting For Her

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Taylor Swift’s obsessed fan stalked the pop icon by loitering outside her apartment.

Taylor’s stalker Mohammed Jaffar, 29, went before a judge for his Manhattan Supreme Court arraignment on burglary and related counts for the alleged stalking.

Here is what we learned about Taylor Swift and her stalker.

The 5 Creepy things Taylor Swift Stalker Did Are:

1 – Mohammed Jaffar loitered outside her apartment and then hid on the building’s roof deck above her apartment.

2 – He called her management team nearly 60 times over two weeks.

3 – Jaffar’s obsession increased and by Feb. 6 he was seen going to her apartment building daily.

4 – Swift’s stalker rang her doorbell continuously for an hour until he was asked to leave. He came back the next day and rang the bell for 45 minutes before being booted a second time.

5 – He watches her at every chance he can get.

Meanwhile, his brother Ali Jaffar said that his sibling suffers from bipolar disorder. That is no excuse, Jaffar has a mental disorder when it comes to Taylor Swift. Like most stalkers, Jaffar is probably a great person, but not when it comes to Swift. He is a threat to her, and he NEEDS to get far far away or put behind bars.

Stalkers are nothing to play with. We know how it feels and its very uncomfortable and unsafe for Swift. Despite Ali Jaffar asking the court to “go easier on him,” we feel he NEEDS to be locked up!

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