311 Photo Gallery: Back To The Beach 2018

Check out our 311 Photo Gallery from the inaugural year of KROQ, Travis Barker, and John Feldmann Back To The Beach 2018!

Continue on to check out our 311 Photo Gallery from Back To The Beach 2018 courtesy of Chris Brody…

CelebNMusic247.com has some of the highlights from Back To The Beach 2018 from our 311 Photo Gallery.

If you have never seen 311 they are a definite must band to see. Talk about having a lot of fun. 311 is that band. They are a staple of Los Angeles culture and fit perfect at the Back To The Beach music festival in Huntington Beach.

From skateboards to surfboards and mermaids Back To The Beach is that perfect laid-back festival to chill on the beach catch some rays and listen to some of alternative music’s legendary bands like; Fishbone, Sublime, 311, Less than Jake, The Aquabats, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Save Ferris, Goldfinger and more…

311 Back To The Beach 2018 Setlist:

Beautiful Disaster
Do You Right
All Mixed Up
Freeze Time
Come Original
Don’t Stay Home
Lovesong (The Cure cover)
Beyond the Gray Sky
Applied Science
You Wouldn’t Believe
• Encore:
Too Much to Think (with John Feldmann)
Creatures (For a While)

If you missed Back To The Beach 2018 we highly recommend you get on board and get tickets for 2019.

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