21 Savage NBA Halftime-Show Worse Than Rosanne National Anthem

21 Savage NBA Halftime-Show Worse Than Rosanne National Anthem

21 Savage proves that his skills are lackluster. He’s the Rosanne Barr of today in hip hop! Last night the Atlanta native was DUBBED the Worst NBA Halftime-Show EVER! Why is he signed?

Savage is the same dude who boasting about his friend No Plug shooting and killing Bankroll Fresh in 2016. Somehow he got signed in this age of crappy rap.

Checkout 21 Savage who has been DUBBED the Worst NBA Halftime-Show. This is worse than Rosanne singing the national anthem in 1990, and she’s NOT a singer. Obviously, neither is 21 Savage, but he’s somehow slipped into multiple tracks with known talents like Future and Drake. Read on…

21 Savage Worst NBA Halftime-Show; Why is He Signed?

Watch this crappy half time performance that had Hawks fans wanting a refund for being ROBBED of the time and money.

Before anyone pops off that we hatin, we’re NOT, we are pointing out FACTS that crappy rap keeps making it’s way on the radio while talented rap falls to the waste side.


Checkout what we are talking about, 21 Savage WORST NBA HALF TIME PERFORMANCE:

Haven’t seen enough crap hip hop? This is NOT evolution, this is regression of the culture and dummy down music. No worries, here is more of that illustrious mumble rap from 21 Savage, that is sweeping the nation.

What happened to hip hop?

It going in the garbage can with rappers like this. There are only a couple that succeed at this, the rest are all label made cliche’s.

Here now watch Rosanne singing the National Anthem:

He’s worse that she is, and he’s in the music industry selling records? #SMH

What is worse about all of this, is the fact that a talented rapper like Bankroll Fresh is gone.

Why? Because crappy rappers like 21 Savage and his homie No Plug took him out. You know the old saying stepping on friends to make it? Well the did worse, No Plug boasted about shooting the late Bankroll Fresh, and 21 Savage was the homie allegedly encouraging him to do it?

The murder of Bankroll is far from over despite his death in March of 2016 – Police are still investigating this crime and No Plug is suspect no. 1. But what about 21 Savage? He was allegedly the one posting videos on social media laughing about it and telling Plug to do it. (allegedly) – Listen to this report:

We ask, why is 21 Savage making it in hip hop? How did he just pop up out of nowhere? Once Fresh was murdered, Savage landed a career. Something sticks like his NBA half time performance and we smell it on the West Coast.  Last year, Bankroll’s uncle read VLAD for doing an interview with No Plug calling him a culture vulture.