21 Savage Screwed Over By ICE Once Again

21 Savage Screwed Over By ICE Once Again

At the top of the year rapper 21 Savage was arrested, detained in an ICE facility and was facing deportation.

Fast forward to now, 21 Savage screwed over by ICE once again. Read on why and how…

21 Savage Screwed Over By ICE Once Again

CelebNMusic247.com reports that 21 Savage’s freedom is deaded once again, ICE is stopping the rapper’s bags.

According to reports, rapper 20 Savage isn’t able to leave the country to perform until his issues with immigration are resolved, which could take up to or more than 5 years.

Why 21 Savage Issues With Immigration Are NOT Resolved:

Apparently, the immigration courts in Atlanta are overwhelmed with cases. Not to mention, but 21’s case has yet to receive a court date.

Basically, ATL’s immigration offices are asking people to come to court in 2022, it is assumed there won’t be a quick turnaround for Savage.

TMZ reports:

After 21 Savage was released in February, ICE informed him that he wasn’t permitted to perform at any international or domestic shows. This put his hip hop career on hold for 8 months until he finally obtained a work visa in October. He’s now allowed to tour the United States, which can help keep him afloat until he’s free to cross borders.

Complex reports that Savage has been taking full advantage of his new visa.

In fact, he stopped by ComplexCon Long Beach for an unannounced performance. The set caught visitors by surprise as they rallied to hear him perform a melody of hits.

He ran through songs from Savage Mode, Issa Album, Without Warning, Not All Heroes Wear Capes, and i am > i was with ease.

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