KAABOO 2017: 15 MUST SEE Bands

KAABOO 2017: 15 MUST SEE Bands

This year KAABOO 2017 has one of the best lineups of any music festival.  Like always, CelebNMusic247.com has 15 MUST SEE bands at KAABOO Del Mar.

These are the bands we feel put on the best shows and are the most worthy of your attention while you indulge in music, art and food at KAABOO 2017…

KAABOO 2017: 15 MUST SEE Bands

This is CelebNMusic247.com’s third year and we’re still fighting the crowd to get photos from behind the media pit. Despite our dismay the lineup is surely one you don’t want to miss.

This year we went through the KAABOO Lineup and here is who we’ve deemed the MUST SEE BANDS for 2017. The list includes; Ice Cube, MUSE. Garbage, The Stone Foxes, MGK, Kesha, Darenots, Jane’s Addiction, LIVE, Smash Mouth and more. We’re NOT lettings people crash out buzz because these bands are great live, it’s just too bad we won’t be able to get the photos you readers deserve from us.

Make sure to get your KAABOO 2017 tickets before they’re all gone – this year is going to be crazy cool.

Here is CelebNMusic247.com’s 15 MUST SEE Bands at KAABOO 2017:

15. The Stone Foxes – “Everybody Knows”:

14. Weezer – “L.A. Girlz”:

We love Weezer, but live all they do is stand in one place. You don’t have to watch them, you can listen and have fun with friends.

13. Darenots – “The Waiting Room”:
These guys are the true description of KAABOO, they bring you Reggae, a chill atmosphere and good vibes live.

12. Machine Gun Kelly – “At My Best” ft. Hailee Steinfeld:

Lot of energy, craziness and diehard dedication describes MGK. He is awesome live.

11. Smash Mouth – “All Star”:

SoCal native band Smash Mouth is nothing short of greatness. They still living off those 90s hits and killing it live.

10. Kesha – “Learn To Let Go”:

Man, Kesha is our girl. We’ve hung with her and she puts on an incredible show. Sick or NOT the show must got on with Kesha.

9. X Ambassadors – “Unsteady”:

Great show, they keep you engaged and this is why we love them live.

8. Jane’s Addiction – “Just Because”:

You can NEVER go wrong with Perry. He is awesome live. Another SoCal native band that is legendary.

7. Garbage – “No Horses”:

Simply said, they’re a great band live.

6. Live “I Alone”:

The performed at BottleRock this year and we were blown away.

5. Ice Cube – “Good Cop Bad Cop”:

Always great to see Cube, he ignites the stage.

4. P!nk – “Just Like Fire”:

We know P!nk is an entertainer, so we believe she deserves this spot. This will be a first experience for us.

3. Tom Petty – “You Don’t Know How It Feels”:

Petty is always amazing, we saw him back in his heyday and this year at BottleRock Napa. Superb Festival.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Dark Necessities”:

Red Hot’s hands down a lot of fun, and if you’re a SoCal local then you know what we’re talking about.

1. MUSE – “Dig Down”:

incredible is just one of the words next to stunning, awesome, mesmerizing and more.

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